Caveat to Honings' Paper

The author teaches at Lateran Pontifical University, educating future priests and bishops. He sounds very compassionate and Catholic at first glance. However, if a  reader takes a closer look, he  will find that it is not the case. Pope Paul VI once said that the smoke of Satan has sneaked inside the Church through the wall. I dare say here is a good example of it. The Nature's Way, God's Way carries an Imprimatur, but this article of Honings does not deserve to be there. The author naturally does not deserve to be teaching at a Pontifical University. He should be deprived of his teaching position and be imprisoned. So judges Humanae Vitae Research Institute. It might be of interest to a reader how I came to be interested in this deficient paper of Honings. Some letters, which are presented here with permission, were forwarded to me, and triggered my interest and curiosity. The book The Nature's Way, God's Way have been distributed far and wide. To repair the damage done, I deemed it most important to make known the damaging mistake. To read those letters, click! If you are still interested in reading the Honings' paper, click!

Fr. John A. Nariai, Director of
Humanae Vitae Research Institute