(Contributed by  HLI computer-man Dan Pesta and HLI Japan-man Jon Merril)

To get the Japanese characters of this   webpage to display correctly on your  computer. Here's how to do  it, using the Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser:

  First download the " Japanese Language Support" packet - free of charge - from Microsoft's Product Update page: Go to www.microsoft.com < http://www.microsoft.com> ; click on " Download" , " Windows Update" at top of page; (or go directly to www.windowsupdate.com < http://www.windowsupdate.com> ). Under " Select Software" is a list of available updates. Scroll down to the " International Language Support" section. Check the box next to " Japanese Language Support" . Click on the " Download" button, follow the instructions, and the packet should be downloaded and installed on your computer.

  On the Internet Explorer browser I then had to go to " View" , " Encoding" , and click on " Japanese" to get the characters to display properly.

You can also install the " Japanese Input Editor" from the Microsoft download page " to gain the ability to input Japanese text using any language version of Windows. To install this item, you must also install " Japanese Language Support" . There is also a " Japanese Menus and Dialogs for Internet" that can be installed.

N.B. To understand the Japanese Web-Site, you must first  study Japanese! Good luck!

Fr. John A. Nariai
Humanae Vitae Research Institute