Watch out for the mouse! Underneath the photo of this beautiful baby, is hidden a pitiful picture of an aborted baby, of his severed head. Depending on your browser,  the second picture may  not show. In that case, scroll down to the right.

Weep for this unfortunate baby! I wept. May God have mercy on all the pregnant  mothers contemplating aborting their babies! May all the bishops and priests start preaching in the loudest voice the evil of not only of abortion but also of contraception!

Catholic teaching is "Thou shalt not kill!" which is ordained by God Himself. It means "Thou shalt not kill" unconditionally! It means naturally we may not kill babies even one second old, babies with defects whether mental or physical, babies that are results of incest or rape.

Father John A. Nariai
Humanae Vitae Research Institute

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