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Human Life International
Vida Humana Internacional
Population Research Institute
Roe v. Wade
Opus Dei
Eternal Word Television Network
Christ Denied by Rev. Paul A. Wickens
Priests for Life
Pro-Life Infornet
Dr. Frank Joseph
Michael Davies
The Pro-Family and Pro-Life Organizations assisting the Pontifical Council for the Family
Our Lady's Warriors

Vatican http: //www.vatican.va/
Human Life International
Vida Humanae Internacional
Population Research Institute
Eternal Word Television Network
Priests for Life
Dr. Frank Joseph
Mr. Michael Davies
Our Lady's Warriors
For more pro-life info visit http: //www.prolifeinfo.org
Women and Children Firs http: //www.prolifeinfo.org/wcf
Stopp International http//www.stoppinternational.org
Stopp International Community http: //www.planetall.com
Free Republic.com http: //www.freerepublic.com/
,Peter's Net < www.petersnet.net>
The Mary Foundation http: //CatholiCity.com
Their books http: //www.catholicity.com/saintjude/
Their tapes http: //www.catholicity.com/maryfoundation/

Catholic Book Shops

Spanish Civil War " The Last Crusade" http: //www.canticle.com
Aquinas Books   20-30% discount http: //www.aquinasbooks.com
Ignatius Press http: //www.ignatius.com
Vatican Internet Library-Vatican library & documentation service http: //www.clerus.org/
Books & tapes The Remnant Bookstore cmattbooks@nwcnet.net
Stella Maris Books http: //www.stellamarisbooks.com
The Newman Press
Newmann Press http: //www.neumannpress.com
Ave Maria Communications - Tiber River - a non-profit organization started by Thomas S. Monaghan (founder of Dominos Pizza) in 1999 to focus on propagating the Catholic faith through the media http: //www.tiberriver.com/

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